Stand Up American Coffee + Free "I Stand" Bumper Sticker!

Stand Up American Coffee + Free "I Stand" Bumper Sticker!

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It's a sad day in our country when the most privileged and wealthy among us are ashamed to stand for our national anthem. Extreme left-wing ideology has crept in to every part of America like a virus. Even the NFL, one of America's most celebrated sports, has been infected!

What's the solution? A shot of robust American coffee coursing through your red-blooded conservative veins. Order a 16 oz bag today and get a free "I Stand" 10" x 3" weatherproof bumper sticker!

Conservatives - you need to wake up stronger than ever! Keep & Bear is proud to bring you Stand Up Coffee. Sourced from American roasters, this bean means business. Using the finest beans available we have created a rich and hearty coffee. Enjoy tasting notes of almond and dark chocolate in this balanced brew. We stand alert and united. For those on their knees...apologize while you're down there and please Stand Up.  

Not only is this some of the most powerful coffee you’ll ever taste, it’s also not made by an ultra-liberal company like most other coffee companies. In fact, it’s made by fellow conservatives just like you, here in the heart of Georgia. Secede from liberal coffee companies and Stand Up for America!
16 oz. of fresh-roasted coffee