4 Patriotic Bumper Sticker Pack!

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COEXIST (2 sizes):

Have you ever seen the liberal version of the “COEXIST” bumper sticker? The idea portrayed on this sticker is that all religions can coexist peaceably. It’s a wonderful idea on paper, but almost impossible to implement because some religions simply want to annihilate all the rest. (We’re not mentioning any religion by name, but you can figure out which one we are talking about.)

The world is filled with evil people. The only way we can peaceably coexist, is if we are packing. Without the second amendment, we have no constitutional right to protect ourselves against armed madmen. With God’s help, we will all lay down our arms one day. Until then, this is how we COEXIST.


Men and women have risked and even given their lives so that we can live in the greatest nation in history. Sadly, NFL athletes have chosen to dishonor the very nation that has given them so much opportunity, fame, and fortune. In response, NFL ratings are plummeting as more players refuse to stand for the national anthem.

NFL players may kneel, but I stand because they stood for me.

THE SECOND AMENDMENT: America’s Original Homeland Security

Get this new American-made bumper sticker (10″ x 3″) and show your fellow Americans where you stand.

Since 1789, firearms have been America’s best defense against tyrants and criminals. Show your support for your constitutional right to bear arms with this weatherproof bumper sticker (7.10″ x 4.20″)!